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House Rubired

Imagined in red-pigmented concrete, the villa's exterior will exude a bold and distinctive presence.

The sleek, high windows, carefully positioned throughout the structure, will offer both breathtaking views and a touch of seclusion, effortlessly integrating the surrounding environment into the living experience. These large glass panels will not only flood the interiors with natural light but will also display a mesmerizing red reflection from the outside, adding an intriguing element to the architectural composition.

The use of these unique material creates a visually captivating contrast against the surrounding landscape.

Approaching the villa, an aura of mystery will surround the entrance. A closed wall will conceal the pathway, leaving only a discreet, ivy-covered door at its center. This deliberate design choice creates an alluring sense of discovery, inviting visitors to venture further and uncover the wonders that lie beyond.

A remarkable feature of the villa will be the water pool adjacent to the sliding windows. Its serene surface will seemingly merge with the surroundings, offering a tranquil oasis. The water itself will mirror the vibrant red hue of the villa, achieved through the use of red pebbles as the pool's bottom. This harmonious integration of colors will enhance the overall ambiance and create a sense of continuity between the elements.

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