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The signature architecture of Magalie Munters is uniquely distinctive in that it reflects guts and daring.

We are an award-winning boutique architecture studio led by architect and founder Magalie Munters.

We were formerly known as Office O Architects (OOA).

Portrait of Magalie Munters
Our story

In 2006 Magalie founded OOA | Office O architects. She works with like-minded people, some of whom she met while studying.

Magalie was an international model while pursuing her Master's degree in Architecture. Extensive travel nourished her work with a broad and international perspective.

Next to the love of forward-thinking design, there has always been a longing for an all-in-one solution enhanced by an interest in technology.

The project Villa MQ can be seen as the epitome and synthesis of what that forward-thinking design looks like for OOA. Villa MQ has been internationally rewarded and published.

As a result of the attention, demand for a similar built design increased among our clientele. Our objective was to make the process of building more efficient. The details needed to be as pure as the design itself.

Consequently, we searched for a construction method that could help us. This research led to an innovative building process. What is most important is that what we imagine, model, and visualize can be transformed into a high-quality building in every aspect.

We design homes as sculptures. They exude an iconic look that is both futuristic and timeless.

The architect is fascinated by the contrast between the classical and the innovative, and the intriguing effects their combination can lead to.

Alongside a love of progressive design, there has always been a desire for an all-in-one solution, reinforced by an interest in technology.

Purity in complexity

Spatial perception cannot be underestimated. It can tell the story or create the emotion the architect wants the residents to experience. It taps into the subconscious.

Unique award-winning architecture

To achieve a design that reflects your desires, we rely on our intuition. We take pride in creating exceptional architecture and giving people more than they expected.

The award that most accurately describes our work is the Häuser Award for Spectacular Houses, rewarding Villa MQ as the epitome and synthesis of forward-thinking design.

Besides, Villa MQ has been internationally rewarded and published.

Craftsmanship and innovation

In addition to a love for progressive design, there has always been a desire for total solutions, reinforced by an interest in technology.

Beautiful creations, sculptures, need to be built intelligently. The primary objective of our development process is to achieve an all-in-one solution, so materialization is a natural extension of the design process.

Together with our partners and research centers we have invested in finding the purest constructive details that enhance the purity of the design.

Balanced building cost

There can be high or low costs, but they will be balanced and considered as a whole. That to us is part of an intelligent approach to it all.

We start with fundamental principles (structure, context, program, construction, etc.) and play with architectural elements (form, space, light,...), sometimes challenging established practices.