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Villa Nouvelle Vague

A serene coastal haven


Perched on a corner site near a pristine dune reserve, Villa Nouvelle Vague is a testament to architectural finesse and a seamless integration with nature. The future plans for the property include the creation of a captivating dune garden, showcasing indigenous trees and shrubs that will beautifully complement the coastal landscape.

A defining feature of the villa is its gently sloping roof, which adds a touch of grace and charm to the overall design. Inside, the elevated ceiling in the living room imparts an open and airy ambiance, inviting an abundance of natural light to fill the space. A journey to the rooftop terrace unveils panoramic vistas of the coastline, offering an idyllic setting for relaxation and contemplation.

While the dune garden awaits its creation, Villa Nouvelle Vague's architectural vision remains intact. The upcoming development seeks to strike a delicate balance between modern living and the preservation of the natural environment, ensuring a harmonious blend of contemporary design and coastal serenity.

As the project progresses, Villa Nouvelle Vague will embody the spirit of coastal living, offering residents a tranquil sanctuary where nature and modernity coexist in perfect harmony. Stay tuned for the evolution of this exceptional architectural endeavor in Oostduinkerke, Belgium.

photo credits: Tim Van de Velde

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