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Embracing Coastal Living and the Golden Ratio

In the coastal town of Oostduinkerke, Koksijde, a captivating architectural gem could have had emerged. This conceptual masterpiece,  encapsulates the essence of coastal living in a harmonious fusion of design and nature.

From the initial stages of inspiration, it became apparent that the site's unique characteristics, including its close proximity to the sea and the gentle slope towards the rear, would play a pivotal role in shaping the design. The decision was made to embrace the inherent beauty of the coastal elements by crafting a structure that exudes strength and resilience. The result? A monolithic concrete volume, with restrained openings at the front and sides, that stands that stands its ground amidst its surroundings.

As one approaches the residence, an intriguing entrance is situated discreetly within the somewhat enigmatic facade. The functional aspects were carefully considered, leading to the garage entrance being situated on the right side of the building. Once inside, a half-level descent leads to the sanctuary of the sleeping quarters. An intermediary space, which doubles as a home office, connects two generously proportioned bedrooms with their respective en-suite bathrooms. The left bedroom conceals a hidden wet zone, adding an element of surprise and luxury.

Ascending a half level from the entrance, the dining area takes center stage, inviting inhabitants to indulge in culinary delights. Further up, a seamless transition leads to the elevated living area, positioned above the garage. Here, a window frames panoramic vistas of the adjacent nature reserve, effortlessly bringing the outside in.

Notably, the use of the golden ratio principle guided the layout, resulting in a beautifully balanced and harmonious architectural composition. The design puzzle fell into place, creating a captivating interplay of spaces that evoke a sense of equilibrium and tranquility.

The exterior and interior spaces share a common language: raw concrete. This deliberate design choice achieves a remarkable integration of the structure with its natural environment. Concrete, with its sandy hues, echoes the colors of the nearby beach, while its robust nature withstands the relentless sea air. The split levels not only provide captivating views but also maximize the use of the terrain, harmonizing the structure with the undulating landscape.

An extraordinary feature awaits on the rooftop—a breathtaking terrace crowned with a refreshing swimming pool. This elevated oasis offers a sanctuary for relaxation and recreation, boasting panoramic vistas that stretch as far as the eye can see. The rooftop pool, enveloped by the embrace of raw concrete, becomes a captivating sculptural element that sets the stage for unforgettable moments.

As we delve into the captivating design narrative of this conceptual haven, we come to realize that Magalie has truly captured the essence of coastal living. The seamless integration of nature and architecture, the interplay of spaces, and the use of raw materials culminate in a harmonious symphony that celebrates the beauty of this seaside masterpiece.

However, despite the visionary design and meticulous planning, it saddens us to learn that the dream of bringing this architectural gem to life will remain just that—a dream. The stringent regulations set forth by the nature and forest agency prohibit the construction of a house on this particular plot, despite its designation as a building site.

Nevertheless, let us cherish the creative process and the artistic vision that drove this project. The clients, a celebrated fashion photographer and a stylist for Prada, showcased their deep appreciation for design and enriched the creative process, resulting in a project that harmoniously blends their refined aesthetic with the coastal surroundings. Their invaluable input and profound appreciation for design enriched the journey, even though the physical realization of their dream was ultimately denied.

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